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Q & A
(the main questions I've received as we've gone through the process):

Q: How do you explain foster care to your own bio kids?
A: Our bio kids are five and two so we've really only discussed it with our five year old son. We started by explaining that some kids have parents that are sick or, for whatever reason, just can't take care of them for a little while. Those kids need a place to stay and a family to take care of them until their own parents can do so again, and we are that family. We then reassured him that we will always take care of him and his little sister and that they will never have to go live with someone else's family.

I also found that looking through and reading kid books on adoption helped me find the language to use in explaining things. This would be even more applicable if you are going the foster-to-adopt route.

Q: Any advice on those starting the foster care process?
A: Be patient. The process will probably take a LOT longer than you imagine it will.

Tips/Advice on caring for babies with drug exposure: 

I'll let you know when I have some! Meanwhile, check out the resources below and feel free to send me any tips you may have.



Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D.
1-2-3 Magic by Thomas W. Plelan, Ph.D.



Respite Care:

Massachusetts-Specific Resources:

For Drug-Exposed Infants:

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