Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year (and belated Merry Christmas)!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Olivers!

Happy first day of the new year! I trust you had a lovely Christmas holiday. Ours was pretty easy-going. It was just our little family for most of the day until we were joined for dinner by several family friends. Luther's gifts were definitely superhero-themed, while Sinclair's dreams of everything ballerina came true. It snowed that morning giving us our first white Christmas. It was a lovely day, although Piercen has requested we do more of a potluck next year so that I can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family.

You know me, I love a good new year and the hopeful resolutions that come with it. However, when I tried to come up with a list of goals for 2018, I couldn't really think of any, at least not tangible, concrete ones. I think the problem is that I'm not really sure what this next year will hold. Now that we are a foster family, I don't know what children will come into our home, when they will arrive, when they will leave, or how they will affect our family. So the best I can come up with is some themes for the coming year; themes of efficiency, simplicity, and grace.

Efficiency: as a whole, fostering little babies works for our family (yeah, I know, I need to do a post on our experience with Baby A), so I'm expecting more babies to be placed with us. However, adding a baby to the mix makes normal, everyday tasks much more time consuming. I'm going to look for more efficient ways to do my (and our) necessary tasks. We already started this process in 2017; we streamlined our laundry system so we're not having to sort items as much, brought organizing structure to our coat closet so that we aren't wasting time trying to find this hat or those gloves, and were gifted a big freezer so that we could store frozen meals and leftovers to make cooking more efficient. I'm going to look for additional ways to cut down on steps and time needed for regular chores and activities.

Simplicity: while efficiency is kinda an easy one for me to find solutions for, simplicity is something I fight because it means I have to give stuff up, even if its just expectations. I have gotten a bit better about this; over the past year I cut my my showers down to one a day and moved them to nighttime, and this helped to cut my getting ready time in the morning to fifteen minutes. And just recently I've settled into the idea of daily "uniform" consisting of jeans, a teeshirt in pastel/earth tones, and a cardigan or sweater over top. This may not sound earth shattering to you, but I really, really care about clothes and one's "look", and it has taken me so very long to accept that silk blouses and ornate skirts do not work in my daily life of caring for children and running a home. Are there other areas of my life that I can relax my grip on or change my way of thinking about in order to simplify and make easier without sacrificing too much of myself? We'll see.

Grace: meaning accepting and forgiving the limitations of my husband, my children, my family, my friends, and mostly myself as we all grapple with the opportunities and challenges this next year will bring.

May Jesus bless you and keep you this coming year and may you feel his presence in your everyday life. Happy 2018, my friends!

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  1. Looking forward to reading your lovely blog, and following y'alls amazing year ahead, dear friend! (And your concept of a fashionable daily uniform--BEAUTIFUL GENIUS NOTION.)