Wednesday, October 4, 2017

August Camping Trip in Maine

Camping in Maine
Lunch at the Brunswick Diner on our way to  Orland, Maine.
Camping in Maine Untitled
Fried Haddock Reuben Sandwich
Camping in Maine
At our campsite in Orland, Maine. 
Camping in Maine
Breakfast of Champions
Camping in Maine
Lakeview from the campground. 
Camping in Maine Camping in Maine
Grant Park view in Bar Harbor
Camping in Maine Camping in Maine Camping in Maine Camping in Maine
Peace vigil in Bar Harbor following the events in Charlottesville, NC.
Camping in Maine Camping in Maine Camping in Maine
"Frisbee" game on the village green. 
Camping in Maine Camping in Maine Camping in Maine
Side street in Bar Harbor
Acadia Acadia
Sand Beach at Acadia. 
Acadia Acadia Acadia Camping in Maine Acadia
As a family, we hiked up to Bubble Rock.
The whole mountainside was covered with blueberry bushes and their early fruits. Sinclair gobbled them up as fast as I could pick them. 
Acadia Acadia Acadia Acadia Acadia Acadia Acadia Acadia Acadia
The solar eclipse occurred during our drive home. We pulled over into a field once it started and pulled out the solar filter we had brought along. We only had a partial eclipse in the Northeast, but it was still pretty cool. 
Joining us in the field was this interesting piece of art. 

In August, we took a four hour car trip, in the pouring rain, up to Maine to go camping with two families of close friends. On the way, we stopped at a diner in Brunswick where we had some of the best pancakes ever and a fried haddock Reuben sandwich that I'd be willing drive all the way back up for. Later we arrived at the campground and got settled into the rustic cabin we were staying in. It rained heavily the whole night, and we were so grateful to be in a cabin and not in a tent! 

The next morning we putzed around the campground; the kids enjoyed the playground, riding their bikes on the paved streets, and splashing around in the cold lake with their dads. After lunch, we made the beautiful hour drive along the coast to the town of Bar Harbor. It has a walking path that follows the coastline from Grant Park up to the main harbor, and it is stunning. I've never seen the fog roll in like that, almost like a blanket covering the dark pine covered islands. Dinner was all lobster then we wandered up the charming city streets. On the town green, we participated in the Charlottesville peace vigil, then had a frisbee game, of sorts, which ended in all the kids mobbing Piercen. 

The following morning, we got up early and headed up to Acadia National Park where we visited Thunder Hole and Sand Beach with our friends, then as a family we hiked up to Bubble Rock. Sinclair slept on my back in the carrier, but Luther enthusiastically walked the whole way up. At the top, we had a snack and took in the view. On the way back down, we sampled wild blueberries growing all over the mountainside. Back at our campsite, we had dinner, put the kids to bed, and gathered with our friends around the campfire for wine and conversation.

On the drive home the next day, we pulled off the highway to view the solar eclipse through our telescope's sun filter. It was only a partial eclipse in New England, but was still quite a sight.

I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting Maine to be like, but it was much more rural and country-ish than I was anticipating. We did drive through several seaside towns that were gorgeous and chock full of antique stores that I'd like to go back and visit. My favorite parts of the trip were getting out of our regular routines for a while, watching Luther ride his bike like a madman around the campsite, and bonding as a family on top of the Acadia mountainside. We also proved what we had expected to be true; camping is infinitely more fun when you do it with friends. 

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