Monday, September 11, 2017

Luther Becomes a Kindergartener

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He chose this pose. 
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Our sweet Luther boy started kindergarten last week. He was excited about it and so confident, not nervous at all. He and Sinclair got themselves ready quickly, and we paused for pictures before starting on our way. Those Superman poses were all his idea. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to school, so we chatted as we walked and sang songs about starting kindergarten and ballet since Sinclair would be having her first class at the YMCA later. The school courtyard was filled with other new kindergarteners and their parents and their cameras.  I prayed with Luther, then his teacher came out, had his class line up, and off inside they went. Fortunately, I had brought tissues with me. Then Sinclair and I walked back home to get ready for our yoga and ballet classes. I was bummed and a little weepy through most of the morning so it was good to have those distractions. When Sinclair and I returned in the afternoon to pick him up, he came running out grinning from ear to ear: "Mama, I love kindergarten!"

Exactly what I was hoping to hear.  

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