Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sinclair's Half Birthday

Sinclair's half birthday
Finger sign for 2.5. 
Untitled Sinclair's half birthday Sinclair's half birthdayMeeting of the minds. 
We spent the day with our neighbors at the Franklin Park Zoo
Sinclair's half birthday Sinclair's half birthday Sinclair's half birthday Sinclair's half birthday Sinclair's half birthday Untitled
Homemade pineapple cupcakes with coconut icing and sugared spiderwort flowers. 
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Our little love turned 2.5 recently. On her semi-big day, we visited the Franklin Park Zoo for the first time with our neighbor who has two boys close to the ages of S and L. It's a good zoo with some exhibits/animals I had never seen before (like an anteater).  Of course, the kids' favorite part was the huge playground. Back home, I finished up the cupcakes that I had made earlier in the morning. I had played fast and loose with the recipe, which did not end too well. Among other mistakes,  I discovered that one shouldn't just dump in a can of pineapple into cake batter and expect good result.s Fortunately they still looked nice, and the kids and P aren't too picky about taste. We sang "Happy Half Birthday" and she blew out her one candle. It was a good day.

Happy half birthday sweet girl! 

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  1. Those cupcakes look like a DREAM. I have only faith in their deliciousness :) Happy happy (half) birthday to brilliant Lady S.! How can she be 2.5 already...?