Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Family Profile for Foster Care: DONE

Finished our family profile for becoming a foster family!
Yesterday when I finished the profile!
 Ignore the bags under my eyes, my skin there has decided to be allergic to life right now. 
Back in May when I first started the profile. BACK IN MAY. Also, LILACS. 

So to be a foster care family in Massachusetts, one of the steps you have to take is to complete a Family Profile document. It's forty+ pages of questions. Deep, personal questions about your childhood, your relationships with basically everyone, your mental history, your parenting style, your views on bio parents, so on and so forth. I had hoped to complete it in a month, it took us three. But hey, it's now done and I've turned it in to our social worker Tom. 

When I talked to Tom last week, he said that once the profile is complete, he will meet with both Piercen and I go to over it, fill in where needed, and answer any questions we have. Then the department mails out reference forms to those we've named as our references. Then they check over our house again to do a more thorough safety check.  Tom said it would take around two months to go through all this. 

So that's where we are in process. 

On another note, I was rather zealous when I trimmed back those lilac bushes out front so we may not  see lilacs next May. And that's going to be a bummer. 

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  1. Congratulations on this next step down the path, dear friend!