Friday, February 24, 2017

Sinclair Turns Two!

Sinclair Turns Two!
Sinclair woke up to a baby doll stroller and doll bunk beds we which we had painted blue and pink. 
Sinclair Turns Two!Sinclair Turns Two! Sinclair Turns Two!Sinclair Turns Two!
A newborn baby doll from grandparents. 
Reading Sinny's new book. #instasinclair #fatherhood #reading
A beautiful book for a beautiful girl. 
Sinclair Turns Two!
Birthday breakfast of homemade biscuits. 
Sinclair Turns Two!Sinclair Turns Two! Abstract watercolor birthday cake. #edibleart #happybirthday #twoyearsold #birthdaycake
For the birthday cake, I tried out a technique I saw on the most recent season of The Great British Baking Show: marshmallow fondant. Then we all painted the cake with food coloring watercolors. 
Sinclair Turns Two! Sinclair Turns Two! Sinclair Turns Two! Sinclair Turns Two! Girlfriend takes her cake seriously. #prodigy #cake #birthdaycake #happybirthday #instasinclair
A three-layer vanilla cake with raspberry jam filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. 
My instagram friend made this charming art piece for Sinclair's birthday. Made me smile as I cleaned up the disaster in the kitchen from making her cake! #happybirthday #instafriends #instasinclair
My instagram friend and graphic artist Molly ( did this charming little picture of Sinclair based on one of the pics from the photo shoot I did right before her birthday. 

This year, the info meeting for prospective foster parents fell on Sinclair's big day. So we all got up early to watch her enjoy her presents and have a birthday breakfast of biscuits and jam. Then we headed into Arlington for the meeting where she and Luther got to run around the meeting room (a church gymnasium) with her new baby stroller. Afterwards, we had lunch in Belmont then returned to Arlington and hung out together in the children's room of the local library. Back at home we painted her cake as a family and had a birthday dinner of her favorite meal, mac and cheese. 

Sinclair, littlest love, you are our pride and joy. We adore your charm and your swagger. We love your affectionate and generous nature. Happy birthday dearest girl. 

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