Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year's Resolutions


Happy new year folks! Hard to believe we are already here. My favorite thing about this time is the feeling of newness and possibilities. To that end, here's my list of resolutions for 2017:

➳ Invest in myself.
Exercise regularly with weekly spin class and weekly yoga class. Do yoga at home, and my MuTu exercises. Stop biting my nails for good. Grow out my bangs.

➳ Be still and know.
This year brings some changes for me personally and some big possibilities for us a a family (some blog posts coming on all this later). My goal is to maintain an open heart and mind to what God brings into our home this year and to not worry, but rest in the knowledge that he knows the plans he has for us.

➳ Combat hate and fear with love and welcome.
With fear and hatred taking over our political system this year, I'm going to make a concentrated effort to show love and welcome and a place of security to all those around me, especially to those the Trump presidency threatens.

Be more intentional about embracing and celebrating the seasons.
Particularly with the kids and as a family. Make special recipes and crafts that speak to each season. Enjoy the seasonal changes outdoors. Attempt to enjoy the summer heat and sun by going to the beach more. Attempt to enjoy the beach.

➳ Start to implement a four season garden.
My in-laws gave me Four Seasons Harvest by Eliot Coleman, and it has been so eye-opening and inspiring. With some simple practices and techniques, we can cultivate a garden that is harvestable year-round, even here in New England. It's going to be such a learning experience.

➳ Be more intentional.
In my spiritual life, in parenting, in the hospitality I show to others, and in self-improvement.

➳ Bake bread far more often.
Regular sandwich bread, sweet breads, dinner rolls, etc.  I also want to build a solar oven that we can bake bread in the summers without using the oven and heating up the house.

➳ Make homemade.
Everything. Bread obviously, but also things like special liqueurs, flavored salts and sugars to use as hostess gifts, lotions, soaps, etc. We've started to use Young Living essential oils in our lives, and it has opened up so many options.

Now if only the new year also brought more time in each day to get all this done!

Happy New Year!

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