Friday, November 11, 2016

New in the Shop + Some Musings + Weekend Update

Three Vintage Brass Christmas Candle Holders

Small Vintage Brown Pitcher
Small Vintage Blue Pitcher with Polka Dots
Small Vintage Blue Pitcher with Polka Dots
Five Vintage Ombre Ornaments
Vintage Pink Ornaments
Vintage Silver and Gold Ornaments
Vintage Brown Ceramic Pitcher

The newest shop offerings from the past two weeks or so. My favorite of the bunch is the large brown pitcher. I am such a sucker for pottery and that glaze on it, combined with its heft, is just pure joy. 

How are you doing? This has been a tough week for me and for the nation; the news and my Facebook feed are plenty proof of that. My soul still hurts, and I'm coming to realize that it probably will for a long time. Trying to figure out ways to make a positive difference in this new political landscape and how to show love and understanding to all. If you've got any ideas, do please share. 

On a lighter note, this weekend I'm hanging out with friends, and we're going to make a bunch of essential oil DIY crafts and drink wine. Later, the whole family will join two said friends and their families for dinner. We've got church on Sunday, and I need to finish prepping the garden for the coming winter. I stole an idea from the colonist gardens at Plimoth Plantation and built up two raised bed from a bunch of branches Piercen cut down last week. I'm quite proud of them. 

Have a wonderful weekend my dears. Let's be loving towards one and all. It keeps coming back to that, doesn't it?