Monday, October 24, 2016

Trip to Germany: Part 1

Had a fantastic evening in Copenhagen. Met up with my cousin Doug who is loving life here, metro'd down to the Nyhavn and had dinner on the water front. We were joined at our table by a local woman out walking her dog, the woman then gave Doug and I a tou
Walking to the  Nyhavn in Copenhagen with my cousin Douglas. 
Germany 2016 (September)
On a day trip to the North Sea with Piercen brother and sister-in-law, we stopped by a museum that was getting a new thatch roof. 
Germany 2016 (September) Germany 2016 (September)
The Westerhever Lighthouse on the North Sea coast.
Germany 2016 (September)
Luther begged for, and got, a covered wagon rental for the walk to the lighthouse. 
Germany 2016 (September) #mudfordays #allthemud #northsea #germany Playing in the North Sea mud. #children #childhood #northsea #tidesout #germany #instasinclair #instaluther
Playing in the North Sea Mud. 
Germany 2016 (September)
Visiting their greatgrandfather's brother and sister-in-law in Böklund. 
Being chased by her great grandmother at her great great aunt's house. #family #traveling #germany #instasinclair #greatgrandmother
Chased by Oma. 
Swinging (of sorts) at his great great aunt's house. #instaluther #family #germany #traveling Germany 2016 (September)
Visiting family friends in Tolk. 
Germany 2016 (September)
Taking the back route home. 
Building castles in the sand with the cousins. #balticsea #family #travel #instaluther #instasinclair
A morning spent on the shores of the Baltic Sea. 
Germany 2016 (September)
Along the main street of Schleswig. 
Germany 2016 (September)
Germany 2016 (September) Germany 2016 (September) Germany 2016 (September) Germany 2016 (September)
With Oma, stopping traffic. As usual. 

You guys, we had such a good time in Germany last month! We started out by flying into Copenhagen (it's cheaper to fly there than into Hamburg) and staying the night there. We met up with my cousin Doug who's working as an architect, and he took us to the Nyhavn, the 17th century canal street where the fishermen used to live. It's filled with charming restaurants all along the waterfront, and during dinner we met a delightful local woman who ended up showing us her house and telling us all about the wonders of Copenhagen. Next time, I'd like to spend more time exploring that cool city. 

The next day we drove down to Germany and to Tolk where Piercen's family lives. Northern Germany is mainly farmland, and to us, Tolk is a tiny, tiny town. There's the gas station (which P's aunt and uncle own), a bank, a bakery, a butcher shop, and a dress shop. That's pretty much it. It's beautiful and charming. 

Piercen's brother and his new wife were visiting as well for the first few days of our trip, and it was lovely to spend time with them. We visited the North and Baltic Seas, putzed around Schleswig (the closest "big" city), saw lots of family and family friends, and ate. A lot. The Germans take their afternoon coffee and cake very seriously. Or at least P's Oma does. 

Part II of this trip recap is coming shortly.

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