Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Kisses for Oma. #greatgrandmother #uhrgroßmutter #family #childhood
Saying goodbye to loved ones in Germany.
I went looking for the kids when I realized it had become too quiet. #reading #instaluther #instasinclair #children #childhood
Getting used to being home again. 
Took a picture of the kids to show @sailor3640 they need new handmade  robes and inadvertently got a shot of our "new" mid century hutch. #furniture #midcentury #danish #vintage #somebodyclothethosechildren #thanksmom #instaluther #instasinclair
Part of our unplanned furniture shopping spree. 

Hallo all, we're back from Germany and glad to be home. We had a delightful time, and I have some posts planned with all the pictures and details of the trip. It was very hard saying goodbye. When you are somewhere for that long, you get used to being there and it can be a hard adjustment getting back to the regular "normal." Everyone was bummed for a while, missing family, and it took us a good 4-5 days to get over the jet lag, but I think we are adjusted now. 

On Saturday, we went out looking for a used chair for the office for Piercen to work in at night. We found an absolute gem of an antique/vintage furniture store and came home with a mid-century hutch (see pic above), and mid-century coffee table, and one of the most comfortable armchairs I've ever sat in. Our living room is finally looking like adults have decorated and not Ikea-obsessed college students. 

Luther started back to pre-school again yesterday. I'm becoming a Sunday School teacher for the two and three year olds starting this Sunday so I'm jumping into the curriculum and getting excited. And besides that, there is Children's church and the various church committee meetings. 

Fall is here, my very favorite season. It's gotten chilly in New England, and I've never been more happy to put on pants. I'm behind on my annual making of the "Autumn Bread" but I hope to get it done in the next week or two. 

As for the shop, the holiday season is starting up,  I have an absurd amount of stock that needs to be photographed and listed. I also have some plans and new ideas for the shop going forward into the new year that I'm getting excited about. One thing that has changed already is that I decided to shut down my second shop, Vintage Soup Closet. It was a good little shop and surprisingly successful considering how little time I put into it.  I've just never enjoyed vintage clothing in the way I enjoy vintage homewares, and every time I worked on VSC, I felt like I was taking time away from my "real" shop. So I slowly let things expire over the past several months and finally closed it down yesterday. I feel better already. 

I hope you have a wonderful week. I'm looking forward to eating the finally ripened tomatoes from my garden, picking out a recipe for the "Autumn Bread," and photographing all the fall-ish items for the shop.

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