Friday, August 26, 2016

T-minus Nine Days till Germany!

Lübeck, Germany, 2013

I'm at the point where I have no other big event coming up or visitors arriving before we leave for Germany. And so there's nothing to distract me from my dread of traveling so far with the kids  (let's just say that last time, all three changes of clothes ended up covered in kid vomit before we had even embarked on the Atlantic flight). However, that need not concern you. What may concern you is that I will NOT be putting the shop on vacation while we are gone. You will still be able to view product images/listing pages and purchase items; I will just not be shipping them out until we return at the end of Sept. That said, if you do order doing that time, I will be offering a 15% off discount code, WithLoveFromGermany, as a way of saying "thank you for putting up with the shipping delay!"

The Deets:
-Friday, Sept 2nd is the last day to purchase shop items and have them shipped before we leave (must purchase before noon). That afternoon I will make the coupon code live (again, it's WithLoveFromGermany).
-Any purchase made between Sat, Sept 3 and Thurs, Sept 22 will be shipped on Monday, Sept 26.
-To use the coupon code during that period (one last time, it's WithLoveFromGermany), start the normal Etsy checkout process, and you will be given the option to use a coupon code.
-I am hoping to at least have some spotty internet service and will try to respond to questions via convos that come in during that period. However, if you don't hear back from me, I promise I'm not ignoring you, and I will respond ASAP upon our return to the States and widespread wifi.

And if you are the praying type, or the good vibes from the universe type, please start sending it our way. I'd love for this visit to be free of vomit, visits to foreign hospitals, major flight delays, etc. A girl can dream . . . 

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