Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Luther Turns Four!

This is the face of a four-year-old. Happy birthday dear assist Luther! #happybirthday #instaluther #childhood #fouryearsold
The face of a four year old!
#fouryearsold #happybirthday #pancakes
Birthday pancakes. 

Two weeks ago, Luther turned four years old. This seemed like a big one to me. Four years old is a not a little kid age, it's like a real kid age. I'm trying not to think too much about it.

The celebrations started the day before with a tea party with friends from church and playgroup. The kids had Annie's Shells & Cheese while the moms had salad with bites of mac and cheese we snuck off our kids' plates. Or maybe that was just me. Then we put out quite a spread of pastries and cakes from the grocery store bakery. I should have gotten a picture but there was time. You'll have to just trust me that it was amazing. The kids had decaf tea in my fancy espresso cups while the grownups had coffee.
My sister @thenotoriousjwe gave Luther a tent for his birthday, and it's kinda magical. #instaluther #happybirthday #bestaunt #childhood #magical
#instaluther #happybirthday #fouryearsold
Tent teepee from Aunt Julianne. 

The next morning Luther woke up to a kiddie size wheelbarrow and a set of gardening tools. We had pancakes for breakfast then opened presents. Legos galore from my parents and Luther's great grandmother. Later in the day, Aunt Julianne's present arrived: a magical tent to put outside. 
Just a boy and his Legos. This is Luther, every waking moment, since Friday. #hewillhavetoeatatsomepoint #instaluther #legos #childhood
We had more mac and cheese for lunch then put together the cake: chocolate cake filled with chocolate ice-cream with chocolate icing, and a truck on top. Dinner was mashed potatoes with gravy, peas, and corn on the cob. I had tried to convince Luther that tacos were his favorite meal (which coincidently is my favorite), but the years of that trick are over.
As requested: chocolate cake with chocolate icecream inside and chocolate icing outside. ##deathbychocolate #wemustberelated #happybirthday #fouryearsold #birthdaycake
As requested. 
Let them eat cake. #instaluther #instasinclair #happybirthday #children #childhood

That weekend, Piercen built Luther his own raised bed in the garden area of the backyard, and we took him to Lowe's to pick out two strawberry plants, a tomato plant, a basil plant, and some marigolds for his little garden. He is quite proud of his little plot and demands that he be the only person to water it. 

Each child's birthday is bittersweet. I loved getting to spend a whole day celebrating Luther's special nature and achievements but it's hard to see him growing up so quickly. He is a very endearing child; full of kindness and confidence. Sweet Luther, you are our pride and joy; you are the world's most wonderful boy! And we love you beyond measure. 

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