Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Month in Review: March 2016

Happy March! #springiscoming #tulips #flowers #floral #march #happymarch

March. The time of the year when I start bringing in any and all flowers and greenery to attempt to stave off winter blues. This year, it was also the time of Piercen's crazy work schedule, my mom's visit, and Holy Week/Easter.

"I'm sorry you're sad, Mama. I will get you something cold from that cold box (the freezer) to put on your head and then you will feel better." #instaluther #motherhood #caretaker #motherandson
Piercen's last grant proposal was due at the very end of March, so he was basically living at work. Sinclair was teething and therefore not sleeping and neither was I. Luther missed his Papa and wanted me to compensate for the lack of attention . There were a couple of tough days.
Our weekend saw the completion of this beautiful structure in the kitchen. Home reno project ✔️✔️ #homerenovation #shelving #kitchen #homeownership
At the beginning of the month, Pierce did get to building a beautiful shelf system in the kitchen out of black iron pipes and wood. It's the perfect display place for all my vintage depression glass and dishware.
February 2016
We visited the Stone Zoo park for the first time, and Sinclair discovered the joy of swinging.
February 2016 February 2016February 2016
"Will winter ever end Mama?" We got a couple of inches of snow.
We spent this afternoon getting reacquainted with our garden's soil; some of us more than others. #gardening #springiscoming #springtime #children #childhood #eatdirt #instasinclair
We has some warmish days, and spent them digging out the garden bed from its winter blanket of leaves.
Pierce put up a tire swing in the backyard today. I think Luther approves. #instaluther #tireswing #children #childhood
Luther got a tire swing in the backyard.
Peek a boo with Scout. #instasinclair #grandmother #grandmotherhood #granddaughter #children #childhood #peekaboo
My mom arrived for a much-anticipated week-long visit. She lives in East Tennessee so we don't get to see her nearly as much as we would like.
Their "Earnestly Requesting Tea, Please" expressions. #teaparty #teatime #grandmother #grandson #instaluther
A tea party, of course. One of the things I appreciate most about my mom is how devoted she is to her grandkids. She just takes them over when she is here, giving me a much needed break.
We watercolored our eggs this year. #easter #easter2016 #eastereggs #dyed #colorful #traditions
We've always done the typical hard boiled eggs in colored water method before, but this year, we blew out the insides then painted them with watercolor paints. Much easier/less mess, and I like how they turned out.
Setting up for tomorrow's Easter feast/party. There will be two cheese plates. #justsayin #nooneissurprised #allthecheese #nocheddarleftbehind #lifeisgouda #easter #easter2016
Easter lunch setup. We had several families from church and Piercen's work over Easter lunch. We had German asparagus soup (albeit with green, not white, spargel) with garlic bread, two cheese plates, a veggie plate, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. The day was warmish, and we spent the afternoon watching the children hunt for Easter eggs. I hope we turn this into a Easter tradition.

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