Friday, February 26, 2016

New in the Shops

Four Vintage Mid Century Modern Drinking Glasses with Black and Gold Pattern
Six Vintage Mid Century Modern Juice Glasses with Black and Gold Pattern
Vintage Pink Swan Jewelry Dish
Six Vintage Brass Wine Glasses
Vintage Black and White Umbrella Dish
Vintage Pink Silk Pencil Skirt

Another good week for listings for Vintage Soup, and I got one in for Vintage Soup Closet. Got into a rhythm: stay up late editing pictures while waiting for Pierce to get home and then publishing the listings the next day while Sinclair naps. Need to do a photo shoot tomorrow for next week's listings. 

Pierce had his second of three total grant proposals due yesterday evening. He's been working super late every night this week. Wednesday night was the worst: he got home at midnight, went to bed for two hours, got up at 2am to do more work here at home, slept for about an hour at 7am, then went into work. Proposal was due at 5pm on Thursday, and it was submitted at 4:51pm. The kids were/are really missing their Papa time. Luther made sure to ask Pierce to come in and kiss him at night even if L was asleep. Sinclair won't let go of Pierce in the morning, and we have to pry her off sobbing so that he can leave for work. It's been really sad.

So this weekend will be all about spending time with Piercen. And working on the bathroom. We need to plaster the rest of the walls, but only after moving the toilet so that we can remove the wallpaper behind it, seal the wall, then plaster. Good times.

Happy weekend friends!

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