Friday, January 15, 2016

New in the shop

Vintage Lemon Pitcher
Vintage Leather Camel
Vintage Paddlewheel Boat Dessert Plates

Fairly good week. P. is still dealing with ILLNESS, and has been going to bed super early. I've been staying up late to get listings and blog posts ready, and taking care of all the other little things that need to be done. The weather turned pretty cold, but I'm trying to not let that trap us indoors. We visited the Little Fox thrift store in Arlington on Wednesday to find Luther some pants he can wear to church. On Thursday, we went to the library's preschool story time and attended our church's monthly community dinner. Today, I have a doctor's appointment in Arlington. Three days in a row we've gotten out of the house. Sinclair is in that difficult stage where she's kinda ready for going down to just one nap a day, but not quite there. Luther is talking CONSTANTLY. There's not a moment of peace, but he's also started telling his own, quite detailed, stories which is really fun to hear.  Not sure what prompted it, but his little brain is starting to grapple with the idea of death and what that means. How do you explain heaven to a child who views everything in the very literal, very present sense? How do you explain that death comes to all of us, but probably won't come to him for a very long time? How do you assure your child that you will always be with them when you know you won't? Difficult stuff. 

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