Monday, March 23, 2015

Life Recently

A pitiful bunch of people. #sickday #instaluther #instasinclairHe's not going to take too kindly to the news that we don't have a VHS player. #instaluther #thrifting  #oldschool #timewarp
We've all been sick; yes, even me. 
Went thrifting for the first time as a family of four where Luther discovered the obsolete world of VHS. 
Coming soon to the shop! |1984 McGovern campaign posterMy recent vintage finds for the shops. I just created two separate IG accounts, @vintagesoupshop and @vintagesoupclosetshop, where I'll be postings more pics like this and of newly listed items. Follow along if you like being bombarded with awesome vintag
Vintage finds for Vintage Soup and Vintage Soup Closet
Bathing the baby. With my #1 helper. #instaluther #instasinclair #babySmitten. #instaluther #instasinclair #bigbrother #littlesister #children #siblings
The ever eager helper. 
"You're my girl Sinclair. You're my girl."
No doubt. #nodiggity #instasinclair #baby #babygirl #geniusMaking a card for our landlady upstairs (he calls her Nee-Nee) who is 94 years old today! #instaluther #happybirthday #preschooler #childhood
Modeling her girl power shirt from Auntie Kelly. 
Making a birthday card for our beloved landlady who turned 94 last week. 

Ugh, the Sickness. I'm typing this right now with a sore throat. At least Pierce and I alternated our sickest days so we were at able to care for each other. And the kids. Sinclair got a real nice eye infection, and Luther developed a fever, a runny nose that rivaled Niagara Falls for sheer volume, and then managed to puke all over our bed. 

On Saturday we tried to make it to our church's rummage sale, only to miss it by about 10 minutes. So instead we went to Boomerangs in Roxbury and totally scored. Also, Roxbury is super cute; would love to live there. 

Luther and Sinclair really have this whole sibling thing down. L. dotes on her, excessively. And S. doesn't seem to mind. She seems fascinated by his antics, and if she's fussy, she tends to quiet down when he gets up in her face. It's really quite adorable. 


  1. Girl genius shirt = everything to me. May y'all feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Holly; I'm sad to say that this sore throat thing is the gift that just keeps on giving!

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