Friday, January 2, 2015

December in Massachusetts

Luther turns 2.5! 
Luther's Half Birthday
Catherine came for a visit a couple of weeks before Christmas. 
Messiah Concert with Catherine
Catherine's Visit
Menotomy Park
Menotomy ParkMenotomy Park
Menotomy Park
Gifts from Oma on Christmas Eve. 
Christmas from Oma
Santa brought Luther a toy kitchen set. 
Christmas 2014
Robbins Farm Park
Robbins Farm Park
Robbins Farm Park Robbins Farm ParkRobbins Farm ParkRobbins Farm Park
Robbins Farm Park
We had a quick reunion in Lowell with Kelly as she made her way to New Hampshire to visit family. 
Meetup with Kelly
Meetup with Kelly Meetup with Kelly

Happy New Year! What better way to start out than recapping the last month of 2014. We celebrated Luther's half birthday on the 3rd in our usual way with his birthday dinner of choice (chili) and half cupcakes for all. In early December, Catherine came up from D.C. and treated me to the Messiah concert at Trinity Church. Piercen took a couple of days off at Christmas, and the three of us explored local parks and found the perfect sledding hill (and an incredible view of Boston) for whenever the snow gods decide to bless us. On the 21st, Pierce and I hired a sitter for Luther for the first time ever, so that we could go out and celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary with a real date. Christmas was spent at home with lots of Facetiming with family. I got my first massage, courtesy of my brother and sister's generous gift card for my birthday, and now that's all I ever want as a gift. At the end of the month, we met up with our friend Kelly in Lowell where we imbibed coffee, sushi, and the history of the textile industry. And I wish I could tell you that we closed out the year with mad partying, but we just watched a movie (during which I fell asleep), and we were in bed with the lights off at 11:45pm.

And now we can't wait for 2015 to start unfolding. We'll have a new baby soon with new routines and new family dynamics. Locals keep promising large snowfalls in Jan and Feb, and Luther can't wait to try out his new snow boots. We have plans to start container gardening in Feb, and all are looking forward to visits from the grandmas once the baby arrives.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015!

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