Monday, September 15, 2014

So . . . We're Moving!

Boston for VS.jpg
Boston, MA Skyline Blue Card Printed on Recycled Paper Size A2 by loosepetals 

Make that "Soon to be Greetings from Boston." Actually, make that "Soon to be Greetings from Arlington," assuming that our new landlady doesn't back out last minute; we're still waiting to hear that she's signed her part of the lease. Pierce recently accepted a position as Senior Scientist at Nano Terra in Cambridge, and we're moving to the area in mid-late October.

I'm planning on keeping both shops open until about a week before we move and then hopefully reopening them around the first of November.

Now to pack. And to dream of the future in New England.  Happy weekend!

UPDATE  (9-16-14):
The new landlady signed! We're good to go!

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