Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Boy or Girl?

Wood Top Blue Mobile and Iron Top Pink Mobile by lifework 

Today we find out the sex of Baby O #2. I'll check back in later to let you know . . .



  1. Kelli, Congrats on everything wonderful going on in your family! Congrats to Piercen with his new are a pro at moving while pregnant now :) Congrats on having a little girl, I'm sure your son can't wait to be a big, protective brother. I love getting to keep up with how you all are doing with the site, welcome back to the east coast!!
    <3 Kim Choquette

  2. Thanks Kim! It's getting a little absurd how every time we move across the country, I just so happen to be pregnant. You'd think we'd try to plan this things out a bit better! We're pretty excited about it all, new job, new locale, new baby. And it will feel good to be back in the East and in the proper time zone! Hope you and Matt are well!