Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Etsy Back-to-School Picks

S_PS_A Bohemian Back to School Treasury
A collection of Etsy finds for the 2014 back-to-school season. 

16. Old Map Journal

I've always loved the "Back-to-School" season of each year. Growing up in Florida, it was basically the only marker of the transition from summer to fall, as palm trees and pines don't really change color. As a child, I found summer to be oddly depressing time. I needed the schedule and routine of the school year to feel at peace, and so "back-to-school" always came as a relief. Now an adult, I can institute the needed order and routine no matter the time of year, but back-to-school television ads and local news stories still bring a feeling of joy and a sigh of "finally."

In celebration of this anticipated period, I picked out some of my favorite back-to-school items from various Etsy shops. Quite unplanned, there appeared a theme of reds, golds, nature, the unique, etc that would well suit a bohemian soul facing the start and promise of another school year.

In family news, Piercen gets back from Boston tonight. Luther and I have been drowning our loneliness in cheese dip and chocolate chip cookies. Luther keeps randomly stopping what he is doing to pray things like "Dear Jesus, thank you,  Papa, work, choo-choos, airplanes. Amen." It's both adorable and really sad at the same time.  

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