Wednesday, July 30, 2014

June and July in Wisconsin

June in WIJune in WI
June, Tenney Park. My sister gave L. that shirt in what I can only assume is a tribute to the Weatherall family's yellow lab. 
I claim no responsibility for it. She also has a matching shirt. 
June in WIJune in WI June in WIJune in WI
It only took him two years to get into swinging. 
June in WIJune in WI June in WI
I spent a good part of this park visit attempting to nap on a wooden bench. Pregnancy fatigue will take you down. 
July in WI
Getting his face painted at the Reading Carnival, Madison Central Library in July.  
July in WIJuly in WI
In deep thought, probably about the ugliness of that green color on the walls. 
Sideview of his lion face painting; in the girl's defense, he was moving about quite a bit. 
July in WIJuly in WI
Architecture is a humanities field, right? 
July in WIJuly in WI
"Ha! I'm touching his tongue!"

We've had a very mild summer so far; highs in the mid-70s for the most part. What a blessing. It almost makes up for the brutality of the past winter. I spent most of June laying on the couch in exhaustion and nausea, but by mid-July was back to feeling like a functioning person again. L. and I have been going to the library on Mondays for Toddler Time, and we've tried to get out and enjoy the weather and the Madison system at least once a week. I also bought popsicles. 

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