Friday, May 16, 2014

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Dapper dude. Post-church/brunch. #instaluther #toddler #dapper #mothersday2014 #happymothersday#instaluther #mothersday2014 #happymothersday #motherhood
Mother's Day.
Recent finds of vintage hats and a purse. Coming soon to Vintage Soup Closet ( Also, hop on over to to see some clothing finds for myself and hear me bemoan the weather and our culture's lack of hat eRecent vintage finds. Coming soon to Vintage Soup ( #vintage #vintagesoup #thrifted #thrifting
Recent vintage finds for the VS and VSC shops.
Well, well. Look who is in a visiting mood.#instacats #catsofinstagram #catsStrollin. #instaluther #toddler #coolhat
Snuggles with the other babies. 
It's turned a wee bit chilly, again. 

I promise I'll stop complaining about the weather once it's reliably warm around here (and will resume complaints once it starts getting hot). We've started a bit of potty training with L; M&Ms and Matchbox Cars are the reward/incentive. He's the most adorable child ever in his tighty-whities (remind me to expunge this post before he becomes a teenager). I found some great items for both VS and VSC shops while attempting to spend away my cold weather blues (see musings over at Thriftanthology). P's finishing up the final touches on his paper submission to a new journal, and L's been rocking his new hat like a boss. 

Happy weekend, friends. 

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