Friday, May 9, 2014

Life Recently

The moppet. (His mouth is full of apple.) #instaluther #toddler #childrenRefused to sleep during nap/quiet time. Fell asleep playing with his beloved tractor. #instaluther #toddler #tractor #sleepingchildren
Snuggles during a hard week of growing up. | Re-learning how to go to sleep on his own. 
"Bug! Big bug!" As long as he doesn't develop a love for spiders, we'll be fine. #instaluther #toddler #boychildSink boy. #instaluther #toddler #children
New toddler obsession: bugs. | Has to be in the middle of everything. Literally.
In a town where there are probably more bikes than cars, a lady at the park asked if she could take a photo of Coraline to show her husband. Thanks again boys @pierceno @phinx_007 , your work is being appreciated.Aboard his chariot. #instaluther #toddler #burleybee #abouttown
Coraline in the park. | Luther in his chariot. 

What a difficult, yet wonderful week this has been. L figured out how to climb out of his crib, so we had to switch it over to a real, toddler bed, and he has had to learn to stay in bed and go to sleep on his own again. However, he got back into the routine again pretty quickly and has been the happiest little guy he's been in months. And to cap it all off, the end of the week turned warm and sunny. Just what we needed after the gloom and doom of the last few weeks. 

Happy weekending friends! 

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