Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weekend in Springfield

Holly's gorgeous apartment is filled with vintage treasure. 
Flower Explosion PurseShoe Tree
There are vintage purses hanging from pretty much every door handle and a shoe tree (originally a plant stand) standing in a corner of the living room. 
Does Anyone Have the Time?
Best vintage clock collection I've ever seen. Several were purchased from Vintage Soup over the years (Holly is, by far, my best customer). 
Crockery Jersey is where you are.
Holly hails from the great state of New Jersey; she displays her home state pride throughout her kitchen.
Edwards Place
Next door to Holly's apartment is the Victorian Edwards mansion where the Edwardian/Downton Abbey tea party was held. I would have gotten a full shot of the home's facade, but some fool of a Took parked their minivan right in front of the entrance. 
Sad EdithSad Edith
Holly in her Sad Lady Edith/New-Woman garb. 
It's Lady Kelli to you.It's Lady Kelli to you.
Me in what was supposed to be a Lady Mary in a Slight State of Mourning outfit; however, the women at the tea insisted on calling me Rose. So there's that.
Downton Abbey Tea PartyEdwardian-wear
Holly is friends with the mansion's curator; otherwise, this lovely dress would have found itself under one of our skirts and out of the house in a wink. 
Weird Abe/Mary Statues
After the party, we visited Holly's favorite thrift haunts and saw a bizarre statues of the Lincoln family. 
Thrifting Downton Abbey StyleThrifting Downton Abbey Style
We also stayed in costume to thrift. I figured, based on the number of Civil War reenactments that happen in Springfield, our garb would have gone fairly unnoticed. Not so. My favorite comment of the day was "you're not from around here, are you? That outfit is . . . what's it called . . . couture?"

I had a wonderful weekend in Springfield with Holly. We indulged our love of making messes at Art Night, Downton Abbey/tea/costumes/history of fashion at the Edwardian Tea Party, thrifting at the area's Goodwills, and food at local Thai and microbrewery restaurants. And I managed to avoid the Snow Apocalypse the weather people kept threatening. Could not have asked for a better visit.