Mad Rollin Dolls Roller Derby

Madison Roller Derby
Gotta love a sport where the wearing of costumes by the players is encouraged and celebrated. 

Madison Roller Derby
Luther spent most of the evening dumping cracker crumbs all over our laps and attempting to drink my beer. 

Roller Derby
A be-caped, be-bodysuited man showed up. He was actually hawking tickets to the following week's Polar Plunge. 

Roller Derby
See that man in the pink glasses, sitting down on the right? He looks suspiciously like my graduate school advisor (Dr. Smith, is that you?!).

Madison Roller Derby
Nice to see so many gents out in support of the ladies. This is an all-volunteer organization. 

Roller Derby
There's a lot going on in this picture. The Silver Surfer is chatting up a baby, while Dr. Smith looks on. There's a bloodied lumberjack strolling about (he's one of the team mascots), and some poor girl forgot her pants back in the stands. I hate it when that happens. 

We went to the roller derby last week with our church group. It was the first derby experience for most of us, and we were all highly entertained by skaters' mad skills and by the colorful support of the attendees. I think I would be really good at roller derby if only I could skate. I've already decided on what my nickname would be: Rabble Rouser. 


  1. Oh my GAWD, that is so Dr. Smith! He would be delightful fun at derby, methinks. I wonder if either of the Smith girls play...?

    And LOVE this, derby is clearly the best of all the sports! Team Costumes.


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