Monday, January 13, 2014

Life Recently

These two. #traveling #fatherhood #instalutherIce on the INSIDE of our apartment. Also, we have mice in the ceiling.  #winter2014 #iceicebaby
Lots of traveling home; lots of stops at Starbucks. 
Back in Madison; subzero temps.  
Thanks to Oma and Familie Hansen, Luther will be fluent quite soon. Thank you so much!!Busy construction day around here.   #toddler #instaluther #boys
Working on our German with gifts from Oma and Tante Christa. 
Working on his construction management skills with gifts from Nana and Ollie. 
Trying to teach Luther the art of the Tragic Sigh. #teachingmoments #lifeskillsHe's a good student.
Practicing our Tragic Sighs. 
Little Miss Snugglesworth is keeping me warm this morning.  #cats #firstbornHanging with Mr. Luther. #instaluther #motherhood
Sweet, needy cats. 
Getting our tropical on at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. 
This is what it's come to: three pj shirts, two pj pants, two pairs of socks. #imsocold #winter2014Orange-Apple Cider Hot Toddy. It's not the how you survive winter that matters; it's that you survive it at all.  #hottoddy #winterlibations
Multi-layers to keep warm. 
When all else fails, pull out the hot cider and whiskey. 

We survived the big freeze and had 37 degrees on Sunday; heat wave! It was a good week for the shop--thanks for all the January orders thus far. We took t L to the Madison Children's Museum on Saturday and started in earnest on P's job search. Life is moving right along.  Happy Monday! 

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