Friday, January 31, 2014

A January (in Review)

On Thin Ice
By the first few days of January, the "Thin Ice" signs were gone. 

Snow Worshippers Baby SkatesLuther
Luther is still not that impressed with winter. 

Shades of Ice
Unique composition in frozen pond water. 

Solitary Walk
A solitary walk across Lake Mendota. 

Winter Lakefront Property Duck Pond in Winter Ice on the Inside
Ice sculpture inside the apartment. 

Citrus 2
Citrus in a beautiful ceramic bowl that was a Mud Dabbers Christmas gift from my mother. 

Afternoon Light
Afternoon light in our own botanical garden. 

The last day of January. It's been a very cold month. The winter blues that normally come to me in March and April (when my Florida/Tennessee-raised brain says it should be warm outside) have set in very early this year. I'm attempting to cope by eating lots of citrus, and buying far too many plants for our small space. Those hyacinth flowers are perfuming the apartment air quite nicely. 

We did a lot of staying indoors this month. We bought memberships to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens and the Madison Children's Museum. Our local library does weekly free events for toddlers. We ate out a fair amount (Glass Nickel Pizza, I love you). I got the shop and all it entails (this blog, social media, etc) set up for easy organization for the year. I have fun events to look forward to next month, so that should help with the blues. One day at a time. 

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