Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Life Recently

uploadSick menfolk. Again.
(un)Making the bed.
Sick menfolk.
New vintage finds for the shop: ceramic cabbage mugs/ bowls, colorful plastic and metal mugs, owl creamer, mid century GE clock, Japanese sugar bowl and creamer, ceramic asparagus mugs/bowls, ombré Ambertina square candy dish. #vintage #housewaresIt's a snuggle kind of day. #cats #winter
Black Friday vintage finds for the shop.
A snuggly day. 
Leftover Korean potstickers. From now on, I'm inviting foreigners to Thanksgiving ever year. #leftoversWaiting for Luther in the morning . . . #advent #merrychristmas
Korean potstickers, leftovers from Thanksgiving.
Christmas love.
Cousins.Sasha is not impressed. #toddler #cats
Bonding time with (distant) cousins.
Bonding time with (not so distant) cats.
#mischievousHappy half-birthday Luther!! #celebrations #birthdays #instaluther
King of his castle.
Half birthdays.
He's in a hammin it up sorta mood today .Today is Luther's first baptismal birthday.   #toddler #baptism #instaluther
Hat day.
Baptismal birthdays.

Recent pics from Instagram. The last several weeks have included a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with friends, illnesses in all three of us, goodbyes to dear friends who are moving back to South Africa, cardboard castles from said friends, frigid temperatures, some thrifting, no shop updates, Luther's half birthday, Luther's baptismal birthday, the start of the Advent calendar/season, unexpected sadness and a trip to IA for a funeral, some serious cousin bonding for L, and a multitude of the other small events that make up a busy life and a busy holiday season. 

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