Friday, November 15, 2013

New in the Shop

Vintage Mid Century Kitchen Canisters
Vintage Colored Glass Cordial Glasses
Vintage Temporama "Atomic" Dessert Bowls
Vintage Autograph Book
Vintage Mushroom Salt and Pepper Shakers
Vintage Ceramic Mushroom Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage Metal and Gold Bar Tray

Some of the recent items listed in the shop. It's probably good that we don't have a house and/or more space; I'm not sure if I would be able to let go of all the awesome glassware sitting on my stock selves if we did have more room. 

I'm quite excited about this coming weekend. The Madison Ballet is performing at this Saturday's Kids in the Rotunda, and we may grab some cake at the Hawthorne Branch Library's birthday celebration. Then on Sunday, I turn 30! Pierce and I are going to the symphony to celebrate, and the day will be filled with cake and my favorite foods. A great start to a new decade.