Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Artist does not take critiques well. #toddlerNew vintage finds for the shop: 8 metal and glass champagne glasses, 6 North Star soup bowls, 4 North Star dessert bowls, Spartus faux wood alarm clock. #vintage #northstar #barware #glassware
Coloring is his new favorite thing.
Recent vintage finds for the shop

Piercen and Lutherupload

uploadCat Caught in a Crib. #cats
Battle for the Crib. 
I've seen both Sasha and Rem in it this week. 

Thanks @pierceno!Seriously good haul this year. 30 is looking fantastic! #30is thenewawesome
Happy birthday to me.
Very generous friends and family.

At the symphony! #madisonsymphonyorchestraTaking my fancy clutch to the symphony. #vintage
Out on the town (at the symphony). 
Rockin my vintage clutch; gift from a bro-in-law with excellent taste.

#birthdaysNo respect. #toddler
Pierce made me an incredible chocolate cake. 
Luther clearly enjoyed his piece. 

It's been quite a week. I finally entered the decade where I belong, we went to the long awaited symphony performance, and Luther is growing smarter and funnier by the hour. It's been a great week, and a great year. 

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  1. You know I have my eye on that new clock. Also--CAKE. Happy 30s, dear friend :)