Monday, November 11, 2013

Life Recently

I think he likes it.Now, I can't get him out.
We made a tent for Luther. 
I think he likes it. 
|Guy Fawkes Day chocolate almond toffee. Remember, remember, the 5th of November. #guyfawkesday #november5 #gunpowdertreasonplotLove him #toddler
Our annual "Guy Fawkes Day" toffee. 
I think he likes it. 
Papa's home.Recent vintage thrift finds:  mid-century canisters, colored glassware, colored cordial glassware, labeled liquor decanters, atomic patterned bowls, autograph book. Coming soon to the shop. #vintage #vintagesoup
Morning literary time with Papa. 
Vintage finds for the shop
We're in the presence of royalty. Thanks for the card @weathert!Post-nap crankiness. #toddler
Awesome card from my brother. 
It's hard being king. 

Recent pics from my instagram. L is back to sleeping through the night, so I have high hopes for getting lots of work done in the shop this week. Plus, Sunday is my 30th birthday, so there's much to look forward to. 

Bonus: if you want to see how smart L is getting, check out this short vid

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