Friday, September 20, 2013

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Handy men.Luther and I decorated the nature tray after our morning  walk in the park.
| Installing vintage survey sticks as a height chart | Our version of a Waldorf nature table |
Recently acquired: vintage surveying measuring stick. Three sets soon to be available in the shop. #vintagesoupshopRecently acquired: vintage Taylor industrial-style thermometer. Available soon in the shop. #vintagesoupshop
| Three other sets of surveying sticks and thermometer for the shop--picked up at the UW Swap last Saturday |
Baby crocs.Das Boot
| Outgrowing his shoes |
Recently discovered: vintage baby scale. #vintagesoupMorning slump.
| Picked up a baby scale for the shop | Luther's been waking up a bit earlier than either of us would like |
Time for school.Morning serenade. He got up there all by himself.
| Embracing the arts |
He's still got them cheeks.Tenney Park, late summer
| Tenney Park |
Teething is the worst.
| Molars are coming in. Not pleasant |

Luther's back teeth have been coming in for about two weeks now. Baby pain meds, Oragel, and frozen yogurt sticks help, but he's still been a sad sight. Poor baby, growing up is tough.

A sad baby means I haven't been able to spend much time on the shop, but I've picked up a couple of cool items in the past week. Those surveying measuring sticks are amazing. We're using one set as a growth chart for Luther, and I suspect I'm going to wish that I had picked up more than just three sets to sell in the shop.

Happy Friday folks--have a lovely weekend!

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