Friday, August 9, 2013

New in the Shop

Two Vintage Framed Landscape PrintsDark Brown Vintage Hat with Hair Pin Vintage Red Plaid ThermosVintage Green Felt Safari Hat Set of Pyrex Mixing Bowls in Snowflake 
PatternDark Brown Vintage Hat with Hair Pin Retro Red and Black ThermosVintage Red Wool Felt Hat
| Two Framed Vintage Landscape Prints | Vintage Brown Wool Felt Hat with Feather Detail | 1970s Red Plaid Thermos | Vintage Green Felt and Leather Safari Hat | Three Nesting Pyrex Bowls in Snowflake BlueVintage Dark Brown Wool Felt Hat with Hair Pin | Retro Red and Black Diamond Thermos | Vintage Red Wool Felt Hat

Items recently added to the shop. I've had those hats for goodness knows how long; so long in fact that I believe I got them all back when we lived in Pennsylvania. I'm pushing myself to go through my backlogged stock before buying "new" items. This necessitates me staying out of thrift stores; it's been over a week now, and I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms.

We're going to the Wisconsin State Fair this weekend with our transplanted-from-the-East-to-the-Midwest friends, Holly and Kelly. There's been a flurry of text messages over the past week in preparation; 95% of them have involved the copious amounts of fried-foods-on-sticks we are going to consume. It's going to be awesome. Happy weekend!


  1. These hats make me so happy--though not so happy as being in WI made me!

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