Friday, July 12, 2013

Shop Update

Vintage Tooled Leather PurseVintage Rose Tin Vintage Bow TiesVintage Blue Shoes Carrying Case Vintage Cats FigurineVintage "BOURBON" Bottle Vintage Green Bermuda PurseVIntage Purple Woven Purse with Bamboo Handle Vintage Mint Green Kitchen ScaleVintage Econolite Silk Screen Beach Scene
|Tooled Leather Purse | Rose Branch Metal Tin | Set of Two Men's Bow Ties | Blue Shoe Carrying Case | Wooden Cat Figurine | BOURBON Bottle | 1970's Green Bermuda Purse | Purple and White Woven Purse with Bamboo Handle | Mint Green Kitchen Scale | 1950's Econolite Beach Scene Silk Screen |

Pics of the recent additions to the shop. Boy Wonder has entered a very clingy phase (it is a phase, right?), and this has made it difficult to get much accomplished (including any updates to this blog)--it's both frustrating and very sweet.

Heading south soon to visit the fams. Also get to see my best friend from high school twice as she is located at the halfway point in our drive for both the coming and the going.

Decided to commit to a vegetarian lifestyle. We've never eaten much meat at home, so the change hasn't really affected us yet, but going veg on the road and while staying in the homes of non-veggers is something we haven't done yet, so I'm interested to see how that goes.

Hope you're having a blast thus far this summer!


  1. Welcome to the vegetarian fold, dear friend! I hope the transition is an easy and a delightful one--it can be kind of fun over here!

    I am naturally DYING over the gorgeousness of these bags--shoe carrier, WHAT. LOVE.

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