Monday, November 12, 2012

New Name, Same Blog, Beloved Cat

Handsome Boy Stoic *yawn*

If you'll look at the banner at the top of the page and at the web address, you will notice that this blog has a new name: Vintage Soup. I decided last week that I wanted to drop the ".blogspot." part of the address and bring the name more in line with my Etsy shop. Any links to "" will still work; they will just reroute to the new address.

Since I didn't have any photos to fit in with the name change announcement, I thought you might enjoy some cat pictures. Plus, today is the 3-year anniversary of our adoption of Rem-Cat. From his racing about the apartment like the hounds of hell are after him, to his snuggling up to my face at 6am, he has brought such love and joy into our lives these past three years. Happy adoption day my dear Rem!  Now if you will just stop treating every blanket and pillow in the apartment as your personal buffet, we'll have even more to celebrate next year! 

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