Thursday, November 1, 2012

First Halloween

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Luther's first Halloween was a great success. My very talented mother made L's lion costume, and I already had the beige vintage romper, so he and I entered the Happy Bambino's costume contest as Safari Woman and Lion Cub. The contest winners have not announced yet, but I'm pretty sure we have it in the bag.

Holly and Kelly joined us for the Halloween weekend, and we had a great time showing off Madison. We sampled cheese and other wares at the Farmer's Market, warmed up/caffeined up at Barriques on Wash. Ave, came away with bags of goodies from St. Vinny's Thrift Store and cupcakes from Daisy Cafe, and brunched on breakfast sandwiches at the Johnson Public House. For Kelly's account of her trip, visit her travel blog, a moment in the sun.

During the weekend, Holly and I decided to start a collaborative blog on our thrifting adventures; we are still working out the details, but I'm pretty excited about it. I miss the weekly thrifting trips we took together when we lived in PA and look forward to sharing our finds and thoughts on thrifting culture with each other and other like-minded individuals. I'll share more about the new blog once it gets going.

Oh and happy November--my favorite month!

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  1. Love. So many good photos that day at the coffeeshop. That yawn is excellent. "Auntie Kelly makes me tired .."