Monday, September 3, 2012

Shop Update

Vintage Mad Men GlasswareVintage Pink Lucite Clock Vintage Retro Green Scale Vintage Shaving BrushVintage Left Handed Smoking Pipe
| Mad Men Style Glassware | Vintage Pink Lucite Clock | Retro Green Bathroom Scale | Vintage Shaving Brush | Vintage Left-Handed Wooden Pipe

Recently (well, relatively so) listed items in the shop. I'm kinda in love with the clock; it's currently hanging out on our mantle.

It has been a challenge to get things listed since Boy Wonder's arrival, but I'm hoping that gets better soon as we start to settle into more of a daily routine. Speaking of BW, he is three months old today! 


  1. Happy three months to beautiful Master Luther! Love his nickname, by the way :) That clock totally has my heart, it is soooo gorgeous... I love the color, and the clockface, everything!

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