Friday, September 28, 2012

Recent Life (as seen on Instagram)

Baby shadesPulled out my 'wicked good' slippers today--first time since April! Geese congregating for the trip south.Baby swing Luther and his new best friend, Ruby.Clovers--no lucky 4 leaves though. Ready for mommy/baby yoga class.Luther and D-Mouse have nap time and play time confused. The Sartorialist--a surprise present from a wonderful friend @hollymkentStreet style Baby's first time in a swing . . .Luther doing tummy time with Owl.

Recent pics from Instagram (follow me here). It's been a busy two weeks with play dates at the park, mom & baby yoga classes, and social gatherings at Happy Bambino. Fall kinda snuck up on us too, so we've spent some quality time at thrift stores trying to put together a winter wardrobe for the little guy.

This weekend I've got plans to rescuing my office from it's unintended "junk room" status, so that I can start devoting some of L's nap time to the shop. Very much looking forward to getting that part of my life back on track.


  1. Mom and baby yoga classes? Is that as awesome and, I imagine, as occasionally hilarious as it sounds? Loving all the lovely Luther pictures in his fall finery--three cheers for adorable hoods and layers!

  2. It is just as awesome and hilarious as it sounds. And most of the hilarity comes at the expense of the moms who are now realizing just how out of shape they gotten over the past 9+ months. If I can touch my toes by the end of the 6-week class, I will feel very accomplished!

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