Monday, August 27, 2012

At the Zoo

ZooLuther at the zoo Luther wears a cool hat Luther and Kelli at Statue Tall BeingsPerce and Luther Well Hello There
Has anyone seen my baby?Tall Drink of Water Kisses Luther and Kelli

Family trip (and Luther's first) to the Henry Vilas Zoo.

Last week was a bit rough for the us all, so we are looking forward to this new (and hopefully better) week.


  1. It's official, Luther is the most stylish baby at the zoo. As well as being the most fetching, naturally. Love his ensemble--plaid hat!!! Also love your duds--seeing that gorgeous orange scarf makes me want it to be fall so. Badly.

    Sorry y'all had a rough week, I hope and trust this one will be better!

  2. Thanks Holly! It 's been my goal all along for him to win said title!