Friday, May 25, 2012

Recent Thrift Finds

Princess Tin and HankerchiefsVintage Container with Red Handle Vintage Pyrex Gravy Bowl and Dish in Spring Blossom Pattern Vintage Glass Shot Glasses and Vintage BottleSet of 5 Vintage Flower Glasses
Vintage Circus Pillow and Toys Mad Men Style Wine GlassesVintage Clock and Vintage Shaving Brush Vintage Crewel Embroidery-Children's Nursery RhymesVintage Pyrex Coffee and Dessert Set

A sampling of recent thrift finds for the shop from the last couple of weeks. I apologize to all who listened to me complain at the beginning of the year about the dearth of available vintage goods in Madison, for the vintage thrift gods have been smiling, nay grinning, down upon me recently. I have quite a few items, including lots of Pyrex,  that I didn't even try photographing due to their size or coloring.

My good thrift luck has been a major bright spot in what is fast becoming an interminable waiting game on baby O's arrival (three day late at this point). I've been trying to sweet talk him into coming out, but so far he's proven to be rather stubborn. 


  1. Ah, beautiful! Madison is indeed a center and a haven for Good Thrifting. And I am not surprised that Baby O is stubborn--he already has a will of his own! I just hope that will is to not keep y'all waiting much longer.

  2. Hang in there, Kelli! He'll be here before you know it. I can't wait to here the good news!!! Keeping you and P in my thoughts. :)

  3. Thanks Holly and Sarah--we appreciate it!!

  4. I heard that pineapple helps labor start... good luck! I didn't have that problem, Lila was 11 days early! I have been thinking about you all and I can't wait to meet your new family member!

  5. Good idea Liz, I'll pick up some pineapple at the grocery tomorrow!