Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby Space

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A few pictures of the baby's "nursery." He will be sharing the bedroom with us, and I like how the space mixes baby and adult needs and style. For this shared space, I based the color combo of blues, corals, and yellows from the thrifted wool blanket on our bed. I made the felt cloud mobile myself a while ago, and Piercen put the whole contraption together with string and a very large embroidery hoop. The blue and coral canvas behind the crib was also Piercen's idea.

Always a fan of a countdown, I figured up the days that it might take the babe to decide it's time to embrace the larger world (up to two weeks past the due date--surely he'll be here by then, right?!) and taped the sheet to our bathroom mirror. Today, we are down to 21 days.  


  1. I am sure Baby O will not wait until past his due date to arrive--how could he not want to be in these gorgeous spaces? Love the mobiles, and the pictures, and the sheep--a suitably festive, cheery, and delightful space for Young Master O!

  2. I sure hope so Holly, you know how bad I am at being patient for things (remember waiting on Boutique on the Rink last year?!)!