Friday, April 20, 2012

Recent Thrift Finds

Set of Three Vintage Blue Patterned Oversized MugsVintage Salt & Pepper Shakers in Green, Gold, and Pink Floral Set of Three Vintage "Flower Cart" Mugs with Pedestal Bases PS_DSC_0949Vintage Purse with Wooden Handle and Yellow Bird and Flower Pattern

Thrift finds for the shop from the past two weeks. All but the "Flower Cart" mugs came from a new (to me) St. Vinny's thrift store I found on Willy street. Compared to the other Madison thrifts I've been in, the store was practically stuffed with vintage goods which is great news for Vintage Soup.

The past two weeks have seen some pretty awesome things happen: Catherine, a high school chum, came to visit for a weekend (pics coming soon), Pierce and I became members of the Willy Street Co-op, and I figured out that I can use the B-cycle system to get to the co-op for groceries which is a great joy for a pregnant woman who currently walks like a tortoise.

I'm beyond excited about the co-op. Eating locally grown, organic food is quite important to us, but since we took such an income hit when we moved to Madison, I didn't think it was possible to continue with such habits. However, after visiting the co-op for the first time on Saturday, it looks like we just might be able to swing it while still staying on budget. Visiting the co-op is also inspiring menu-wise, and I feel myself coming out the cooking funk I've been in for the past few months.

This afternoon, we leave for a weekend visit to Chicago for an IDOP-esque (International Day of Piercen) trip. P's birthday is May 30, and we usually take a short vacation trip to celebrate, but since the babe child is coming right around then (my bet is that they will be sharing bdays), we decided to do it a month early. On the generous advice of a Chicago-loving friend, we're staying in the Loop, taking the architecture boat tour, and visiting the Shedd Aquarium. We'll also be visiting Ikea to pick up some last minute items for the baby (like a crib!).

Cheers to a lovely weekend! 


  1. Jealous that Baby O beat me to Chicago... but so glad y'all had a lovely trip! I am in love with that fetching little purse... and are we taking official bets on Baby O's birthdate? It would be something if it was IDOP...