Thursday, April 12, 2012

mad men etsy favorites

Mad Men Etsy Favs
| 1. Vintage Mens Fedora Hat by CalloohCallay | 2. Vintage Eye Glasses by VintageOpticalShop | 3. 1960s Suit by Vintagephilosophy | 4. Vintage Photo Illustration by ArcaniumAntiques | 5. Vintage Black Briefcase by shesitsbytheseashore | 6. Mad Men Glasses by RustBeltThreads | 7. Vintage Typewriter by IndustREALarts | 8. 1960s Portable Desk Lamp by VintageRetroDesign |

i'm a little ashamed to admit that as a seller of vintage goods, i am just now getting on the Mad Men train. now that it's available on Netflix instaplay, i figure it's a good means of market research for the shop. at least that's what i told Piercen.  i just finished the first season, so i thought i'd put together of collection of my favorite MM-esque goodies available on Etsy.

my thoughts on the show so far include:
1. i like that Don Draper is handsome in a real person kind-of-way (as opposed to the fake Hollywood look--you know what i mean).
2. initially i was really annoyed with Betty Draper, but after she took a gun to her neighbors pigeons, she grew on me. i don't like birds either.
3. i need a set of 1960s barware.
4. how did Peggy not know she was pregnant?! someone get that girl on TLC!
4. i'm glad i don't live in the 1960s.

that's all i've got so far. i'm still not a huge fan of the show; it doesn't have the beauty of Downton Abbey, and i find most of the story lines depressing. i'll keep at it though; i've heard that Peggy's outfits get substantially cuter in season  2. 


  1. Love this, soooo pretty! What I love about the show is the style, it actually depresses the heck out of me... but worth it for the clothes and accessories. Though perhaps I can now just look at this awesome blog post, instead...