thrifted fashion: pregnancy wks 28-32

Pregnancy Outfit Week 28Pregnancy Outfit Week 28

sweater | Ann Taylor Loft | thrifted 
tank | daisy fuentes| thrifted 
skirt | Madison Studio
leggings | No Boundaries 
boots | Campers 
necklace | gift from a friend 

Pregnancy Outfit Week 29Pregnancy Outfit Week 29

| top | twentyone | thrifted 
| skirt | Madison Studio
| leggings | No Boundaries
| boots | Campers
| necklace | Target 
| watch | revolt 70 | gift from parents

Pregnancy Outfit Week 31Pregnancy Outfit Week 31

 tank | Merona | thrifted 
|skirt | Blair | thrifted | vintage 
belt | thrifted 
 necklace | thrifted | vintage
hankerchief | thrifted | vintage 
watch | revolt70 | gift from parents 

Pregnancy Outfit Week 32Pregnancy Outfit Week 32

| blouse | Gap | thrifted 
| skirt | Valia | thrifted 
| leggings | No Boundaries 
| shoes | G. H. Bass & Co. | thrifted | vintage 
| bracelets | handmade by mom and sister for Christmas 

i decided that i'm not a fan of the white background for outfits shots, so i started experimenting with different spots. i like the bedroom location but the back lighting is an issue that i can't overcome in that room, so i think i'm going to go with the bookshelf setup. 

our weekend plans revolve around a visit from two of our dear Pennsylvanian friends, Kelly and Holly, both of whom moved incidentally to Illinois this past summer. we have plans to go thrifting (big surprise), picnicking, rambling about State Street and the capitol building, and eating. lots of eating. i'm super excited! 


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