Monday, March 19, 2012

New in the shop!

1927 German Lemon CreamerAntique Art Nouveau Sheet Music "My Girl of Dreams"
Vintage SuitcaseVintage Suitcase
Mid Century Atomic Metal Trays
Vintage UmbrellaAntique Art Nouveau Sheet Music "The Chimes"
Vintage Cafe PitcherVintage Blanket of Many Colors
Vintage Daisy Blanket
| Vintage 1927 German "Lemon"Creamer (SOLD) | Antique "My Girl of Dreams" Sheet Music" | Small Vintage Sophisticase Suitcase | Mid Century Trays in "Atomic" Pattern, Set of Two | Vintage Umbrella in Yellow, Orange, and Green | Antique "The Chimes"Sheet Music | Vintage "Cafe"Coffee Pot | Vintage Blanket of Many Colors | Vintage "Field of Daisies" Crocheted Blanket

Wow, it's been over a month since I did a shop update post! February was a surprisingly good month for the shop, and a couple of these items have already sold. I haven't gotten around to listing too many new items the past few weeks (or writing new blog posts for that matter) for a variety of reasons, the biggest being that Madison has been experiencing the most lovely weather recently, and I can't seem to keep myself from sneaking out to the park to enjoy the sunshine! 

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