Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bike Ride to the Capitol

Nice ShadesA Kelli by the Lake
Wisconsin Little Free Library

A Piercen by the Lake 1A Piercen by the Lake 2
A Kelli by Lake Monona
Bike Ride to the Capitol
A Piercen on the StreetsA Kelli at the Capitol
St. Patty's Day Revelers

On Saturday, Piercen and I broke out our road bikes and took them down the Capitol Bike Trail to Lake Monona and then on to the Wisconsin state capitol building. En route, we found one of the now famous Little Free Libraries (hey hey Kelly and Holly!). As neither of us are Irish nor particularly good at looking at the calendar, we didn't realize it was St. Patrick's Day until we found ourselves on the capitol grounds amongst a sea of folks dressed in green and party hats. Who knew that Madison had such a vibrant St. Patty's Day parade and celebration?! We spent some time strolling about State Street then slowly meandered back to our bikes and then homeward. It was a gorgeous day (80 degrees and sunny--in March!) and an absolute joy to be back on my bike and able to move at a speed faster than a pregnant waddle. I also think I saw a real life leprechaun walking down the street.

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