Monday, February 13, 2012

Week in iPhotos

| baby bump-week 25! | flowers for photography props | window gazers | little Sasha-Pants | our little baby boy! | baby boy knows he's number one | Piercen's "new" work commute | Valentine's Day present from the Olivers | big brother Rem | sun worshipping | no pressure baby boy, but your dad does have a Ph.D. | ice cream treats from Piercen |

Happy Monday friends--hope you enjoyed your weekend! Here are a few iPhone shots from the past week. It's been an exciting couple of days for us: we found out that we're having a baby boy, Piercen found and purchased a vintage bike for him to use for his work commute, we got a lovely Valentine package from Piercen's parents, and we ate lots and lots of celebration ice cream. I can't think of a much better week than that! 

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  1. All beautiful--you are rocking the maternity clothes! And nice to see you with the celebratory Baby Boy Oliver ice cream!