Friday, February 3, 2012

Shop Update!

Man with Mustache MugMen's Vintage Bow Ties
Vintage Polka Dot Bow TiesVintage Oil and Vinegar Jar
| Man with Mustache Mug | Men's Vintage Bow Ties | Vintage Polka Dot Bow Ties | Vintage Oil and Vinegar Jar |

Happy Friday (and happy birthday to my brother)! Where did the week go? I wasn't able to get as many items listed as I would have liked, but I did go thrifting yesterday and picked up a couple of exciting things that will be making their appearance on the blog and then in the shop in the near future. This weekend, Pierce and I are going to explore the thrift stores on the west side of Madison and maybe even hit up our first ever estate sales. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. The bow ties!!1 Yay!!! They look so splendid in your photographs... I do love the dear things, and know just the right person will snap them up--how exciting!

  2. It's about time the bow ties made it into the shop; I've had them for long enough. Still have one more set to add. I'm halfway tempted to keep them for myself and make hair bands/clips with them.

  3. I know a gentleman with a newly purchased (first) suit who is looking to buy a bow tie...I will surely pass this along.

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