Monday, February 6, 2012

Recent Thrift Finds

Hospice Thrift - Recent Thrift Finds
Estate Sale - Recent Thrift Finds

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend went well, and how could it not with the Giants winning the Superbowl (sorry Patriot fans)! Although I must admit, we switched over to PBS when Downton Abbey came on.

I had some good luck this past week in terms of vintage finds for the shop. The lemon creamer and two art nouveau sheet music pieces came from the Hospice East Thrift Store here in Madison, and the ornaments and hair bands came from the estate sale this past weekend. We arrived at the sale rather late, so we didn't have to get in line for tickets, but went right on into the house. Walking in was like entering a time-warp to the 1950s and brought back memories of my grandmother Nana's house that I had forgotten. That would have been worth the trip even without the shop finds. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, they are all beautiful! And of course, switching over from football to Downton is always a good call.